Communicating With Patients And Patients

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Communicating with patients is part of the crucial role a nurse plays in the healthcare field. This is even more important when trying to communicate with patients who have dementia. It is important that all members of each patients healthcare team are aware of what is going on with their care plan so that when they forget, or get confused, their care plan is able to be explained to them in a consistent way. Shadowing on a complex continuing care unit that specializes in dementia care has been an informative and interesting way to learn how a nurse communicates with their patients. This is due to the fact that diagnosis’s, care plans, and other care concerns must be explained to patients multiple times. On all of my shadowing shifts, I have observed my nurse communicating with patients about their care plan. One instance occurred on my most recent seven to midnight shift, where a patient had doctors orders to have a waist belt restraint used when in bed for the night. This patient has dementia and when the the belt was initially put on, he understood why the restraint was being applied, which was to keep him from harming himself by getting out of bed unassisted at night. As the night progressed though, he became confused as to why the restraint was on, and tried to get out of bed multiple times, setting off the bed alarm each time. My nurse, thought would go to his room each time and help him to understand why the restraint was on, having the outmost patience each time. My
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