Communication Class Reflection

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There I was sitting in my communications class, more tired than ever before, until Leila Schmidt announced to the class to wake up. At that point, I knew she was talking about me, ever since then I started participating more and been more awake in class. This class helped me improve my public speaking apprehension, participation in class and my nonverbal deliveries. These improvements are very similar to my CIP because I mainly stated how I want to improve on my presenting skills and how I present it. I also wanted to improve on my participation in class. As the semester went on I noticed improvements in all these categories by the way I presented and my grade got better.
The one skill that I improved on that will really help me in the future is public speaking apprehension. With me wanting to do something with business, there is a really good chance that I will have to present in front of CEO’s and it is important not to be nervous. Doing the speeches in class, really helped me. At first, I would start off the speech good and then realize that I am presenting and start messing up and getting nervous during the speeches. Then I remember presenting the persuasive speech and the way I presented it had a better flow and I was not too nervous so I even volunteer to go first the day I had to present. The more speeches we presented, the better I knew how to control my body and how to calm it down. All because I took Leila’s class.
Another skill that I improved on is my

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