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Since young age, my mom has always taught me to eat healthy. All I ever heard was “More fruit and vegetable is the way to go”. Yes, in a country like mine, where we grow vegetables, we can be certain of their rich nutrients and the fact they are good for the health. Here, not only fruit and vegetable are quite expensive but we can’t be sure that we purchase a natural source. The organic labels and the packages are making products good looking and an instant catch for the eye. The truth is I’ve never thought in this matter before, since I am used to buy and use everything organic. The purchasing habits that my family has developed are extremely good. But is it enough? Being so narrowed in our idea of eating healthy and green
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Industrial ecologists are chemists, physicists, and engineers who analyze and measure the environmental impacts of all the processes, products that go into the manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and disposal of countless goods.”(2). All companies should be encouraged and certify their products with the label of LCA. Not only it would be a significant step towards greener environment, but it certainly will provide us as costumers an amount of useful information about stuff we buy every day.
However, suppose that companies solved the labeling problem. It doesn’t end here. Little things paint the perfect picture. Little things are how we began in this big problem we’re facing today. Catherine Mohr mentioned the importance of that in The Tradeoffs of Being Green, how things you would never think of can make a huge difference upon the environment. She is basing her speech on embodied energy used to make something and how the usage of simple things like a piece of paper towel is a meaningful environmental touch. I clean my apartment with paper towel and a cleaning spray and not once thought about harming the planet. As of now, my contribution towards it is going paperless, I have no bill arriving at my home address, so no paper would go to waste. Also, I started using Lysol disinfecting wipes instead of tons of paper towel. It is really just a drop in the big glass of water, but a drop that counts.
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