Communication Is A Core Aspect Of Ministry Evangelism

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I always felt that practical communication is a core aspect of ministry evangelism. How individuals exchange messages through the use of symbols and behavior both verbal, oral and nonverbal is a strong determinant of its effectiveness (Wallace, Rosenfeld, Bodary, & Waggenspack, 2009). Effective communication combines a set of skills that includes being a good listener in order to understand what is being said to me by others. Learning and practicing good communication skills will help me to develop an understanding of my emotions and aims supporting the information I relay to others.The impact of good communication skills upon my family, work relationships, and ministry affects my connection with them in the areas of trust, esteem, and understanding.
Until recently I have taken the definition of communication for granted not thinking much or considering the characteristics of my application of it in daily interactions with others. Upon careful reading and evaluation of the materials on personality-based evangelism, I now realize why the study of communication is so important. Improving my communication skills can help sharpen my personality and help me to become more efficient for ministry evangelism.
I learned that my personality does not only affect me as the communicator, but also those who listen. According to Johnson (2009) there are six types of personality styles in which are assertive, analytical, storytelling, relational, invitational, and incarnational.
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