Communication Is A Part Of Life

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Conversations Reflection Paper A conversation is a part of every day life, whether it’s a positive or negative dialogue between two people or a group of people is bound to happen. Communication is a part of life, it’s how we interact, participate and express our ideas and thoughts. It’s how we attain self confidence and self awareness, acceptability and accountability is carried out by conversation. The last memorable positive conversation I had recently, was with my son’s father. After years of having a difficult time communicating and staying connected with him, it went pleasantly well to my surprise. My ex has spent the last six almost seven years sporadically being a part time dad to our son. When I say ‘part time’ I mean that he …show more content…

What increased the trust between us, has been that he had to be a man of his word, take accountability for his actions. I had guidelines implemented because I now have full custody of our son, he has to abide by my rules. There are requisitions for him to complete before he can see our son. To begin any kind of relationship with us, my ex has to be in contact with us first by phone and once he is following the bare minimum i.e. texting, phone calls for a consecutive of six months, and only at that time can we discuss visitations. The trust was slowly rebuilt by his attending counselling. It took me quite sometime to build rapport with him, I now see him as an individual who has suffered as a child. I am no longer looking at him with judgment, I have accepted the let down and disappointments. I have compassion for him now and that made our recent communication that much more enjoyable. The most negative conversation I have had, is also unfortunately with my son’s father. It was negative and painful for me to tell this man he is not allow to see our son until he follows and completes my guidelines. Of course he felt rejected and guilty but fortunately for the greater good of our son’s well being, eventually he started cooperating with my request. The conversation was negative because I had to go into great detail of how ashamed he must feel to have missed out on so much. It was both ugly and challenging due to the fact that my ex felt somewhat entitled to

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