Communication Is Essential for Every Organization Essay

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Communication is essential for every organization. The various functions of the company forced it to provide very different forms of communication. In this study we will look at how two different type of organization; Distribution organization such Norbert Dessentrangles and an industrial organization such Nestle use their internal and external communication system. We will identify the media used in the communication system and the barriers of effective communication that are experienced. Furthermore we will describe the influences of technology on information communication system in both organization and also the role of information technology system within their supply chain. Explaining the advantages and disadvantages brought by the …show more content…

Nestlé is proud to produce some of Britain’s best loved brands such as KIT KAT, NESCAFÉ, SMARTIES, BUXTON, GO CAT AND SHREDDIES. Around 97% of UK households consume our brands and more than two billion Nestlé products are sold in the UK every year.
Nestlé is one of the UK and Ireland food industry’s major exporters, exporting over £300m worth of products every year to over 50 countries around the world.

The various functions of these organizations and the scale of their global operating environment forced them to provide very different forms of communication, each with its own rules and objectives. Ultimately they communicate to control their image and perception that external (I.e. customers, suppliers, competitors...) or internal (employees, contractors...) stakeholders may have of them; these organizations will organize the way they communicate about their values, their identity.

Internal communication serves two purposes, not only to help organize and facilitate the daily operating activities to ensure the proper functioning of the company and contribute to its productivity. But it serves also to keep staff informed on the economic, financial objectives, social, ethical and political order to properly support the business plan. With the goal to engage them to make the greatest contribution to the efficiency, culture and results of both these organizations.
The media used varies for the purpose of which they are needed i.e. radio frequency

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