Communication Skills, Organization Skills, and Time Management

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Organization, time management, and proper communication skills is very important in pursuing a degree online. Organization and time management can go hand-in-hand. They both require planning and prioritizing. They allow the everything to flow easy and make things less stressful. Communication Skills
The definition of communication is the exchange of thoughts, opinions, and information through speech, writing, or signs. Effective communication occurs when two or more people can share their thoughts and opinions and get the same understanding. Communication skills are very important to people, but they still have problems expressing themselves. They do not have the ability to
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This time can add up and keep you on track. If an emergency arise, get back on track as soon as possible (Ashworth College,).
Time Management
In an online class, you are responsible for managing your own time. The extra duties and responsibilities as a mother and full-time employee places limits on my time. Other responsibilities such as household chores and errands can lead to being overworked. Some couples report a renegotiation of the household chores and childcare to accommodate the changes in schedules and workloads. (Forbus, P,Newbold, J, Mehta, S, 2011). My husband and I both have full-time jobs and attend school online. Are children are ages 18 and 11 years old. We have given them additional chores to do around the house to take the burden off of the both of us. I have a set schedule on what day I do laundry and chores that require extra time. This keeps me on schedule and prevent me from
An online degree program can be challenging at times so it is important to develop a strict time management plan and stick to it. Some students delay doing assignments that are difficult. Waiting until the last minute may not allow you enough time to get the necessary information to complete the assignment. It may also decrease your chances of getting a good grade. Plan extra time to work on assignments that may need more time to complete. It is good to complete the most
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