Communication Styles, Communication, And Adolescent Leadership

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Despite the fact that communication is very much a part of our everyday lives, it is not always easy. For a number of reasons young people, mostly teenagers, can experience challenges in their communication with peers, parents, teachers and other important people in their lives. Sometimes, just talking through communication problems is very valuable and can benefit you in determining how to make some positive changes. At other times, you might need to do some work on altering the way you communicate by determining different ways to give messages to others, whether it is face-to-face, on the phone, through email, or by text. The goal of this literature review is to examine collected works to provide an overview of communication, including communication styles, types and skills. As well to discuss possible applications of communication as it relates to adolescent development, social skills temperament, and adolescent leadership.
Communication Overview
Communication Styles Communication styles are often a combination of personality fused with what you have learned from those persons in your immediate circle. Everyone is unique and there is a huge range of qualities when it comes to communication. Some people are as you would imagine are more modest than others are- they may have grown up in families that are usually rather quiet. Then again, there are those who are born very talkative and/or they may have grown up around lots of talking or loud conversations. No one way is
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