Community Health Agency Project : Community Healthcare

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Community Health Agency Project
Community Health Education
Amanda Rohrlick
December 6, 2014



Health Related Problem_______________________________________________4

Local Organization___________________________________________________9

Interview Findings___________________________________________________10


When I was assigned this Community Health Agent Project I knew I would focus on the problem of individuals living a sedentary lifestyle. I have recently found a great passion for health and fitness; I was eager to research and learn more about how people struggle with staying active and the main health problems associated with not being active. I know a good amount about how being physically active can positively influence your life in all aspects. I have a lot of personal experience as well, going from a sedentary lifestyle to a physically active individual.
I was going through a hard time in college and I was not doing as successful in school as I knew I could be. My health was important to me, but unfortunately the last thing on my mind. I realized I needed to get away from the things causing me to not focus on my own health and figure out why I wasn’t doing as well in my classes as I should. I then took the steps to change my major and get my health in order, at the same time. I am now a…
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