Community Training Case Study

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placed under arrest the parent will be notified by the School Resource Officer after law enforcement arrives at the school.

Potential Solutions
Proper SRO training will increase the use of positive behavior intervention
Keep track of data and the number of disciplinary measures that get students referred to the criminal justice system based on gender, and race.
Limit arrests at school and the use of restraints, mace, tasers, and handcuffs.
Make all infractions and consequences clear in the student handbook.
Reduce the number of students referred to the criminal justice system.
Teach positive behavior methods to staff and administration.
Projected Outcomes
The positive relationship within the school building.
Reducing school-based crime
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The SRO may identify and refer students to concerns such as abuse and neglect, mental illness, alcoholism, and addiction. Once the concept and duties of the SRO are understood, the recruitment and selection process will begin. There will be one officer per school and a designated trained substitute in case the assigned officer is unavailable that day. At no time will an officer not trained for the position be assigned as an SRO at any of the middle or high schools.

Qualifications for School Resource Officer:
Minimum of two to three years of law enforcement experience
Classroom Oriented
No Disciplinary write-ups or actions
Outstanding oral and written communication skills
Ability to work independently
Exceptional rapport with children
Outstanding work ethics and judgments
Excellent organizational skills

Selection Process for School Resource Officers
School Administrators, educators. Law enforcement officers and students will generate selection criteria.
A job description will be posted to include the duties, responsibilities, and expectations of an SRO officer.
Applications and resumes will be reviewed.
Interviews will be scheduled.
A selection panel will be composed for the interview. The panel will include, school administration, the Sheriff, and Police Chief, SRO Supervisor, a teacher, students and a parent.
Interviews will be conducted by the same selection panel.
Background and reference checks will be performed. The applicant's colleagues will
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