Essay on Company Case Prius: Leading a Wave of Hybrids

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Company Case: Prius: Leading a Wave of Hybrids
1. What micro-environmental factors affected both the first generation and second generation models of Toyota Prius? How well has to Toyota dealt with these factors? In order for the reader to have an understanding of this question is important to begin by defining Micro-environment. This term is a factor of the Marketing Environment and it consists of the issues that, in one way or another, affect the company’s ability to serve its clientele in a close and direct way. This includes factors such as customers, suppliers, competitors, shareholders, employees and media (among others). Having this in mind, it could be safe to state that the micro-environmental factors affecting the first …show more content…

With that said, I believe the macro-environmental factor that affected the Prius sales (in a positive way) is the Natural forces. Now, it would not be fair if I do not mention the technology force as well as the economic one. So there is a vehicle that saves on gas, which means that also helps with the pollution. Technological advances are probably the base of the Prius and this gets even better with the second generation. The first generation was fairly basics while the second generation was release with more gadgets and extras. The prices of the gas keep raising non-stop. That fact definitely affected the sales of the Prius, especially in a society dominated by Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs)
Macro-environmental factors
Demographics are the study of human societies in terms of size, location, gender or race among other statistics. Based on these factors organizations develop marketing plans to target possible customers.

Basically, economics is the study of how society chooses to use its resources. I believe this factors contributes to the government and other entities to offer incentives towards buying vehicles such as the Prius.
This macro-environmental factor involves the use of natural resources to increase the interest of the customers. To be “green” is what is selling these days. Societies have a great interest and feel very positive about saving the planet. Toyota’s marketing team has utilized such

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