Daimler/Bmw – a New Breed of Driver

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Assignment 2.3: Case Study – Daimler/BMW – A New Breed of Driver

Molicia Freeman
BBA304: Marketing Management
Dr. Wayman
Jones International University
June 15, 2013

1. Discuss environmental factors related to population that are changing the way certain people approach car buying and are thus creating new market segments.
Consumers expect businesses to address environmental influence on how products and services are delivered, and to work with the natural environment instead of slowly destroying it. Also people Consumer behavior is deeply influenced by factors, such as buyer’s culture, subculture and social class and age. Each generation will search for, select and purchase a product or service for use and
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Automakers are using car-sharing programs to simply offer a stress free alternative to car ownership. They enable drivers to use a car without the financial burdens. They also provide flexibility to the customer based the client’s need at the time. For those who cannot afford an automobile, Car-sharing service can offer flexibility of usage and also allows opportunities for customers to avoid late return fees by extending reservations, as when the driver might be stuck in a traffic jam and not be able to get the vehicle back on time. Unlike carpooling, car sharing gives me the independence to drive wherever and whenever I want, at a tiny fraction of the cost of owning a car. However like any other program car-sharing have disadvantages. The program is an affordable and reliable service, but that is part of the reason why it has many disadvantages such as the dealership running out of stock and competition from other companies who have initiated the program. The lower cost of the service could cause people to stop using their own vehicles and use car sharing instead. The car share companies are not growing fast enough to accommodate the sudden interest in the service could also prove to be a disadvantage. This options also allow clients to reserve vehicles unfortunately some people reserve them knowing they may not need it. This means that vehicles remain locked to people who genuinely need the services.

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