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Fairwood main selling point for fast food, and the object are mostly families, students, and working people,They have afternoon tea specials, so very attractive selling approach is chosen food, then queued payments, payment , the cashier will give you a receipt, and then waiting for it to water bar to got their own food, it is cover any age, young and old market of a young convenience of fast food restaurants.This report consists of four sections. The introduction, Section 1, is followed by the Method section which …show more content…

"Food was happy to be wonderful."
We are committed to creating fun dynamic work environment, with the establishment of "happy team", the introduction of flexible working hours, to encourage employees to strike a balance in work and life,
Our caring staff, payment of a special holiday gift, but also actively organize various recreational activities, such as: Merry giant sound, autumn barbecue, quarterly dinners, birthday parties, etc., from the establishment of happy team spirit and strengthen the sense of belonging to employees of the company.
The opportunity to focus on individual play
We passed a fair assessment, encourage employees to continue to learn and develop their potential and self-enhancement and,
For outstanding employee reward and promotion opportunities, the fastest available 1.5 years promoted from junior positions to store management.
Improve job training
We offer a complete range of diverse classroom and professional skills training,
Encourage employees to lifelong learning, constantly absorbing new knowledge and enhance their professional skills, their talents, through continuous improvement and learning, get more rapid growth and promotion,
For employees to make clear promotion ladder, clear and viable career development prospects.
The award-winning
Fairwood received the following recognition and certainly in talent development and staff training:

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