Compare And Contrast A Rose For Emily And A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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In William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily,” and Flannery O’Connor’s “A good man is hard to find,” both authors present main characters who are contrasting to the people in their society. In Faulkner’s work, Emily Grierson is an outsider because she hides herself from the people in town for more than thirty years. They have no clue that she has kept homers body in her home for so long until the day she dies. Also, in O’Connor’s work, the grandmother describes herself as a Pure, good woman but her actions contradict her by proving she’s manipulative and evil. In this way, both characters are outsiders by choosing not to show their true identities to their respective societies. First of all, there are many different types of outsiders based on…show more content…
She suffers from Necrophilic, in other words she’s attracted to dead bodies. “She told them that her father was not dead. She did it for three days” (Faulkner). Her father had full potential control over her life that after his dead, the only way Emily could have control over him would be by keeping his dead body. Then came Homer, a construction worker who went around town gossiping about having sex with Emily which leads to Emily buying rat poison to kill him, “The fact that certain people in town knew that Homer was in the upstairs room argues a similar recognition of Emily’s need to cling to Homer as she had tried to her father” (Getty). Again, he lied and did not have plans on marrying her, he was known to hang out with younger guys as referring to him as a homosexual man. so to have control over him would be by killing him, but this time he didn’t keep the body for three days but for thirty years. One similarity between the two characters is that the people in their society have not yet met their true personas. The grandmother portrays herself differently around her son and grandchildren as for Emily Grierson, the people in her hometown hardly ever see her. She is mostly known for her father’s reputation. One difference both characters have is that the grandmother at the end seems to find spiritual peace. At the beginning, she described the misfit as a bad guy, but the moment she touched him, she connected with him and knew he was a
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