Compare And Contrast Athens And Ancient Greece

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Classical Greece The early development of Greek society was influenced by many societies such as the Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Minoans. For instance, the earliest Greek writing style which was called Linear B was influenced by the Minoan writing style called Linear A. Furthermore, the Greeks not only adopted the Minoans’ writing style but they also used the ship-building and agricultural techniques used by the Egyptians and the Phoenicians. Despite their similarities, the Greeks had their characteristics that distinguished them from the rest. The Greeks were never unified but they did create one of the world’s most remarkable cultural eras. The most important city-states of Ancient Greece was Sparta and Athens. Both of these city-states shared similar characteristics such as both would remain the foundation for the Greek political world. Both Athens and Sparta had a similar government system. Their members were elected by the people. Athens is said to be the of democracy. Athenians were educated(except girls) but they never knew much about brute force, unlike the Spartans. The Spartans changed their society to remove all social distinction and became the greatest soldiers in Greece. Even girls were trained to become soldiers because for the Spartans there is no such thing as inequality; women can do the job of mem. However, in Athens, girls did not receive an education like the boys in Athen did but, instead, were expected to become housewives. The Greeks never unified
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