Compare And Contrast European And Japanese Feudalism

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During the middle ages both Europe and Japan experienced feudalism. The feudal system in both social structures was very similar and different. The system of feudalism in Europe and Japan was a system that had similar roles for the nobles,and the peasants.Both cultures had warriors who defended the people of our country.They follow certain codes of honor. The feudal system has many similarities but also consisted of many differences.

The European and Japanese Feudalism shared a ruler.Both cultures had a king and queen at the top of the class system. The king and queen were the most wealthy in their country. In European feudalism had political control. The king and queen usually lived in a castle.One the other hand, Emperor and Empress in Japan is very similar to the king and
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Unlike the Europeans they did not have much political control but were very wealthy.After a while the nobles took over and there were no more emperors.The Shogun which had the most political control and became the ruler of Japan. The Shoguns also had control over the army of Japan.The Shoguns were considered the vassals to the Emperors. The different rulers for both European and Japanese Feudalism were similar and had many rules and regulations that they had to follow.

Both Europe and Japan had a category In Europe the nobles there was a category of people called the “ knights.” In Europe before they became a knight and were in training they were called squires. They were taught to fight at a very young age and grew up to follow the code of chivalry. They inducted just like the president in our time. They had to say the Oath of the Chivalry. Once they were inducted they had to follow the Code of Chivalry.The Code of Chivalry was a series of rules that had to be followed by knights in order to be worthy of being one. If these rules were not followed then they could be executed depending on how severe the decision was. There are many different theories on when this rule
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