A Comparison Of Ancient Greek And Roman Civilization

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Throughout History many civilizations have rose and fallen but we will be analyzing Greek and Roman Civilization. Many people view the Romans as a “copy-cat” empire compared to the Greek because they modeled so many things after the Greeks, for myself, it would be correct to assume this were true. At first during the colonial age or era, Romans and Greek heavily influenced one another which one had engaged in trade at the Black Sea & the surrounding Mediterranean areas. Trading between the two nations was very successful due to the safety of Roman Military presence. Over time, the Romans had adapted many of the Greeks practices and believes. This is one of the main reasons that Roman could be seen as a “copy-cat” of Ancient Greece. Ancient Greece and Rome both had used agriculture. However, Rome did not have much problems with production of food through agriculture like the Greeks did. Both of them had produced products like wheat, but the former, Greece, had failed to produce a good amount of wheat because Romans had far superior farming techniques. Instead of having a good production of wheat, the Greeks had substituted wheat for olive oil hence why many people think of olive oil coming from Greece. Both nations had heavily relied on slaves as well. How could a nation become so successful with running the government, thinking about important ideals, or enjoying themselves if they had to worry about how they were going to get fed? Roman slaves were a little different from

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