Compare And Contrast The Forces Of Creation Myths

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The Forces of Creation
Myths arise to provide an explanation about nature, the birth of the universe and other phenomena that are not easy to understand. The first chapters of Genesis have a mythological structure and content, because they are paradigmatic accounts that explain about the creation of the nature of the world and of humans; on the other hand, the Chinese beliefs of creations are based on a cosmic egg that mix the two forces: the Yin and Yang. These creation stories help humans to understand where they came from and how the world began, but how much these creation myths affect the belief system of those cultures?

Firstly, one of the most important issues that come to life when talking about Hebrew culture is the religion. Religion
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They believe in two forces that are called yin and yang. Yin is what is dark, moist, feminine, earthy, passive, and is associated with the Earth, while yang is what is light, warm, masculine, active, and is associated with the Sun. (27). In the Chinese culture yin and yang are thought to depend on one another, such as day and night, heaven and Earth, male and female, and so on. They are balanced, they are equal, but still separate. In the creation story, these two forces were born from the chaos, and they were mixed together in a cosmic egg. In the midst of these two forces grew Pan Gu. (28). After Pan Gu died; his body became all its features. His eyes became the sun and the moon, his breath became the wind and clouds, and his sweat turn into the dew. (28) The theory about the Yin and Yang is also known in many parts of the world as opposing forces, which complement one another. On this way, it is clear that this creation story sets up many beliefs on the Chinese culture. Currently exist many myths and stories in this culture, but many of them are based on this creation myth which can be developed from different forms, but basically they have the same meaning. They try to explain to the humanity, why everything exists and how everything
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