Compare And Contrast Two Wild Child Cases

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There have been a lot of cases related to wild children in the world history as well as in the present. Wild or feral children are those who are physically or mentally harmed or tortured by their parents, family or relatives. Due to this, there personality will developed in an abnormal manner and most of the time they even don't communicate with normal people. They have a number of problems related to language and movements. On the other hand, sometime they even don't have the ability to understanding others. In this assignment i will discuss two wild child cases and then compare them with each other.
Genie’s case;
Genie case was exposed on 1970 in America. She was one of the wild children who was mistreated by her father. Her father confined …show more content…

Differences; Some differences of both cases are as follow;
• First difference between these cases are related to the environment. If we look at the case of Genie, we knew that she spent most of the time in one locked room on her potty chair where she was unable to move her body parts. On the other hand, Amala and Kamala were lived in very different environment, they spend most of their life with a she-wolf.
• The second difference between these cases is the family behaviour. Genie’s father locked her in one room and no one talk to him. Most of the time her father torture her mentally as well as physically. On the other hand, Amala and Kamala’s father throw them out from the house and again he never met with his daughters.
• Genie have problem in moving his body. She can’t properly move his body parts. But Amala and Kamala’s body movement is very fast even it would be hard to catch them.
• Amala and Kamala’s body movements are like wolf not like a human being and their behaviour was also like that such as; they smell meat from a very huge

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