Compare and Contrast: The Difference Between the United States and China in Terms of Living and Working

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According to Chinese bureau of statistics, some 70% of student who come to the United States from 1978 to 2010 stayed in The United States. The hard choice of whether stay in The United States or come back to China makes more and more Chinese people concentrate on a basic question: what is the difference between The United States and China. Although both The United States and China are world’s major economies, in terms of living and working, The United States has advantages over China in relationship between people, work relationship, and getting information.

People in the United States show more trust to each other than people in China do. In the United States, returns of product can be made without receipt. However, in China, to …show more content…

People in The United States can get access to more information than people in China through the Internet, printed materials and films. Although censorship sometimes is imposed on the basis of national security or obscene description, the United States still lives up to its fame of freedom of getting information. In Chicago University library, in addition to books published in the United States, books published in “evil-axis” countries are also exhibited in the library, although these books may contain prejudice against the United States. However, in China, due to the decree on politically sensitive topics including Taiwan, Boxer Rebellion, cultural revolution, etc. Generally, printed materials are censored four times by both editors and Publication Company before it finally comes out (Jiao Guobiao, 2004). Furthermore, there is no exception of censorship for books published in foreign countries. Consequently, Sensitive topics like Boxer Rebellion are spotted covered with sticky tape in The Oxford Illustrated English Dictionary. Film censorship is also a controversial issue which bothers Chinese people. To protect children’s young mind from sex, violence or any other negative matters in films, films are rated into five categories (Anon., 2011). Adults can get access to every type of film. Even children under 17 can view most of the films available accompanied by parent and other adult guardian. However, like the Internet and printed materials, censorship is

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