Comparing Advertisements by Garnier and Neutrogena Essay

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We are surrounded by advertisements which be found on the television, radio, newspapers, magazines, street hoardings, taxis, buses and through the post. Everything we purchase or watch is advertised. This is a technique used to persuade people to buy their products. Companies use the power of persuasion to lure their target audience into buying the product being promoted. Advertisements are used to make the audience believe they need the product being marketed. Some advertisements are more successful than others and I intend to investigate why, using two examples which promote skin cleansers one by Garnier and the other by Neutrogena.

The first advertisement I will anatomise is the Garnier. The
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There is a good use of wordplay in the phrase "look there's nothing to see" it is asking you to look at the face of the girl to see if there are any flaws only when you do look you will find she has flawless skin and so could you. There is also a slight use of alliteration, 'deep down' this emphasises how deep the facial wash cleanses. The use of the word 'cleanses' instead of cleans is effective because it is thought cleans is more colloquial.

The text at the bottom of the page is very cleverly set out as it makes the most important words for example Cleanse, Rinse, Discover which would let your imagination decide the meaning, if you did not want to read the meaning stated in the advertisement . At the bottom of the page is the full name Laboratoires Garnier with the words formulated and controlled by… as the slogan. With Laboratoires meaning laboratory it put the idea of science across which is never really questioned and so gives the audience the assurance of quality and results when using the product. In a sense the name also helps sell the product but in a different way because where as something from Este lauder would be sold because its brand name is well known, Laboratoires Garnier would be sold because it is a beneficial
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