Comparing My Husband's Strategies To Achieve Personal Goals

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I have never really thought about specific strategies used to help me achieve personal goals before reviewing this posting. On the contrary, my husband is the type of person who writes out goals and has a one year, two year and five year plan (this is actually how I figured out when he would propose because he had them written on his mirror and goal 2 was my ring size). He talks about his goals long term whereas I am a very short term thinker. I thought I was the opposite in terms of goal setting, because I felt I pursued them without real definition of the path. My reality however is different because I also have steps to achieving my goals, but they aren’t always in black and white (or written on the mirror). I am the type of person who says she is going to do something and then just does…show more content…
If there is a training or a job opportunity I desire, I go for it. I do prep for each opportunity that I wish to pursue by becoming knowledgeable of the subject matter. Case in point; buying my house. When I was looking for a house last year, my husband was living in another state for work related reasons. I researched homes, schools, areas and communities before even setting foot in a house. Then, I went to several houses and even when I thought I found the one, I still went to look at more houses just to be sure. When I finally determined I had found THE house, I stuck to it. It was a long process… a foreclosure that needed a new roof. I had to negotiate, and go back and forth with the bank. The process took three months before we were finally ready to close, but I got my house. Pursuing goals takes discipline, dedication and a good support system. Without those things, it would be difficult for goals to
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