Comparing My Work Experience At Eat N Park

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I had started working as soon as I possibly could. When I turned fifteen I went to my high school office and got my workers permit. My mother and grandmother both worked at the Eat N’ Park located in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. When I was of age to finally get a job, I was pretty much guaranteed a job there. I worked at that Eat N’ Park for almost two years until I finally quit in January of 2016. Just a month later I was reemployed at my current job at a family-owned restaurant called Rizzo’s Malabar Inn, located in Crabtree, Pennsylvania. Throughout this essay I will be comparing and contrasting my work experience at both of these establishments in regards to responsibilities, wage, hours and management.. When I first started working at Eat N’ Park I was employed as a hostess. As a hostess, my …show more content…

The work that I do now is much more laid back and rewarding whereas the work I did at Eat N’ Park was stressful and too much to ask for considering the amount I was being paid. Not only am I making more money than I did when I worked at Eat N’ Park, I am having a much more pleasant experience. My hours are much more reasonable. When I was still in high school and even now, the management at Rizzo’s has been very respectful of my needs in regards to my hours and workweek. When I worked at Eat N’ Park, I was falling behind in my classes because of how much I was working. When I went to management with this concern, I was left with the choice to either deal with it or quit. The managers and owners at Rizzo’s are very good people, unlike those at Eat N’ Park. The managers at Eat N’ Park were completely unprofessional, unorganized and overall unpleasant individuals. I will continue working at Rizzo’s Malabar Inn until I graduate college and maybe even after I graduate on the weekends. I have so far had an amazing experience with the establishment and believe that I will continue to do

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