Comparison Of Deep Relaxation And Meditation Model

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The therapeutic model I will outline is Deep Relaxation and Meditation, it has been said to “help with psychological stress, anxiety disorders and major depression” (215). For people with anxiety, “the stress system never shut down …. deep relaxation and meditation can help shut down the release of stress chemical into the bloodstream” (Brogaard, 215). It seems by relaxing and taking deep breathes it allows you to focus on the situation that is arising, plus it can help you to center yourself from having an anxiety episode. Plus deep relaxation and meditation can “rejuvenate the brain’s chemistry and leads to a calmer state of mind, even after the relaxation or mediation ends” (216).
I have been introduced to a gentleman years ago, who has
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The heartache he displays has triggered such a profound effect on how he sees women in an intimate setting. The fear of putting himself out there to find some idea of love and knowing that more than half the time he will get hurt in the end, James starts to experience anxiety. The devastation he feels is understandable but to say you’re done with love is another thing. I don’t believe anyone wants to end up alone forever. I can agree with giving yourself some time to heal and focus on oneself is great, but once you are able to find your center chi, then it is time to get out your comfort zone and try new…show more content…
People that struggle with anxiety over exert themselves; allow their body temperature to rise, which causes the individual to sweat. And once the sweating start, especially in an environment that would not necessarily condition your body to react in such a way, it makes that person feel very uncomfortable in a public setting. Throughout some needed time and practice it will give the individual subject the confidence needed to face any challenge that may present itself and to conquer the need to startle oneself. And by Brogaard stating that “stress chemicals…is responsible for keeping the body active and on edge” (215), that deep relaxation and meditation will definitely counter stress and anxiety issues. And maybe one day James will learn that associating his past failed relationships with his anxiety issues, can hinder him from moving on and finding a love that is
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