Comparison Of Teddy Roosevelt And Theodore Roosevelt

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Teddy Roosevelt believed that we all shall not be separated or treated differently from other people , race or religion because no matter what we are the same species. Samuel Gompers believed that make workers reform also make the country be divided. In 1906 Teddy Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize for his role by negotiating during the Russian and Japanese war. Teddy believed that we should be securing all ports belonging to the United States alo have great military power also he believed in most helpful things that has to deal with America . what we need is freedom what we need is peace what we need is to get along with one another also stop being discriminate to other we need is to build a friendship to the whole community and the world. Teddy thought that if he made more work restrictions it could reduce the illnesses in the workforce while Gomber did not believe any of these are necessarily. Gomber believed that the rules and regulation shall not be as strict as Theodore Roosevelt thought but Gomber believed the less restrictions equals more money going into their 1902 Teddy Roosevelt used a third party settling the 1902 coal miners strike that thousands of coal miners in Pennsylvania went on strike. Gompers in 1886-1924 he mainly focused on unionism he was elected president until his death in 1924 many incidents they wanted more and more military bases around the country but Gompers did not believe in it instead Gompers thought it will be easy to

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