Competency Based Recruitment and Selection

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Title: - Competency Based Recruitment and Selection Theme: - Recent advances in commerce and management Introduction: Competency for any job can be defined as a set of human attributes that enables an employee to meet the expectations of his internal and external customers and stake holders. We have generally observed that only hard work, knowledge, sincerity towards work, and intelligence does not alone makes a person star performer in his/her profession. There are many other factors that actually help an individual practically in achieving success in performing job. For example we have observed that during our school or college days a star student who scores maximum marks in exam may or may not be a good leader. Similarly to this…show more content…
These competencies describe in behavioural terms the key values of the organization and represent those competencies that are core to the organization’s principal mandate. • Career Stream Competencies The Career Stream competencies are those behavioural competencies that are common to the all jobs in the stream, and combined with the organization-wide (core) competencies, make up the suite of behavioural competencies necessary for success in the Stream. • Technical / Professional Competencies The technical/professional competencies tend to be specific to occupational areas, roles and / or jobs within the Career Stream, and include the specific skills and knowledge (know-how) to perform effectively within the jobs of the Stream (e.g. ability to use particular software; knowledge in particular professional areas such as finance, biochemistry; etc.). These competencies could be generic to the Career Stream as whole, or be specific to roles, levels or jobs within the group. These are the competencies some one must demonstrate to be effective in his job/role, task or duty. Thus these competencies are job or role specific and vary from job to job. A competency model can be used to develop specific job related competencies and come out with a competency dictionary. These competencies are organization specific as roles and responsibilities may vary from organization to organization even though
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