Competency : My Definition Of Competency

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Competency: Our Definition (In college context)

Competency is a term used to describe the knowledge required by people as well as associated behaviour needed to provide effective performance, deliver the business and learning goals of the College and be competent in various individual as well as team roles. Competences are strongly linked to the overall vision, mission, objectives and values of the College.

The need for defining Competency framework

The management of NMIMS, following discussions between teaching and non-teaching staff (as per our findings) has identified various technical and behavioural competencies expected from teaching as well as non-teaching staff members, in form of job descriptions and clearly defined and standardised objectives which are dependent on the individual as well as departmental roles at the College (e.g. Support Staff, Teaching Staff, Administrative Personnel, Curriculum Designers and Support Managers).

A simple framework of personal competencies/behaviours needs to be developed which, together with technical competencies, is universally accepted and internally recognised as being invaluable in order to help entire staff to fully understand their roles and enable managers (supervisors) to guide and support them. This clarity of purpose, roles and responsibility will in turn ensure that the College can move forward in the competitive education and corporate environment whilst maintaining a transparent, fair and collaborative…
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