Competitive Analysis Of Powerade

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2. Powerade is an isotonic beverage manufactured by The Coca Cola Company. It was first introduced to the market in 1988, and was released globally in 1993. Powerade’s primary competitor is Gatorade manufactured by PepsiCo’s. Powerade was introduced to compete with Gatorade. Powerade got its name as it has 33 percent more carbohydrates than its competitors; since carbohydrates provide energy they give more power to muscles, hence the name Powerade. (Introduction stage) When Powerade was first introduced it was meant for athletes. The formula had to be reformulated because of its bad taste and problems with the ingredients. This resulted in a major loss of sales for the company. Because the product was marketed more towards athletes not many people were purchasing it. (Growth stage) Once Powerade formula was remade sales increased by a lot. After becoming the official drink of the Olympics sales grew as well because everyone wanted to be affiliated with the Olympics. The company also increased its advertising and soon enough Powerade became a household name. (Maturity) Powerade reached its peak in 2010 with sales reaching an all-time high of 685 million dollars in sales. Powerade’s major competitor is Gatorade, and while Powerade is extremely popular it was never able to out-compete Gatorade in terms of sales. While Gatorade has no problem staying relevant in the Sports drink industry it has difficulty competing against Gatorade. (Decline) Gatorade has not reached this stage

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