Essay on Computer Aided Language Learning (CALL)

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Through the last several courses, several areas have been reviewed and considered for research. The main area in which I am focusing on at this time is the area of computer aided language learning (CALL). Specifically, I am interested in the literacy development of second language learners. However, I am also aware that there is significant resistance from many teachers to integrate the technology in its entirety and there is also resistance from parents. From the student’s point of view, I think it depends on the age group and the teacher’s influence, but I have not seen any research that actually supports that idea. It seems that research in this area would be challenging because it would require both a significant amount of time and…show more content…
In addition, with a study like this, the control group would be group of students who do not have specific technology available. It still seems that the area of study is far too broad, however. The final consideration was to create a case study based on a specific situation which I have seen repeatedly in my classroom. I work with English language learners who come from many parts of the world and with many levels of educational backgrounds. OI have witnessed certain areas which both frustrate and worry me as an educator. Some of my students are highly gifted, but there is no program available for them because they are not fluent in English. If their native language is Spanish, the district is able to test them in content specific areas. However, if their primary language is not Spanish, they are not tested until they achieve a certain level of proficiency. These students usually end up having very low scores and often drop out of school. The other scenario which I have witness is the students who comes either with limited schooling or with significant disabilities and limited English. When these students arrive as very young students, there are many programs available to help them. However, when these students arrive in the secondary levels (6th grade or higher) there are not many options for them and the students are very self conscious about their lower ability compared to their peers. How would technology based or
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