Computer Components: The Graphics Card

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The Graphics Card is computer component in most modern day PCs. The Card uses the PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) or PCI-E (PCI Express) slots on the motherboard. It’s used to show all of the visuals on the computer screen: it can use the following: DIV (Digital Visual Interface), VGA (Video Graphics Array), and HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) output. The oldest of the three is VGA; VGA was made in 1987 and still used to this day. The next one used is DVI. DVI is a lot newer than VGA but it’s still not the greatest now a day’s. The last and newest is HDMI; HDMI is what most people use today. It was made in the late 20’s. I wrote this paper about the graphics Card because I have always been fascinated with them, every day I use them I always wanted to know how they worked. Out of every other computer part without them we would have to just use the command prompted, which is very hard without understanding computers more in-depth. I evaluate my resources by comparing the deferent information I gathered with other web sites, and I asked my Instructor if I thought something about the information I was getting was wrong. Most if all of my information is coming from web sites. My topic has to deal with part computers for I think using the web to find most of my information is fitting, the web is very useful with dealing with this topic there are many articles dealing with it. In the body of this paper the following will be talked about in detail:

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