Computer Is A Dream Machine For Young Me

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Back in the year around 1998 when the computer started to be a part of the household product and I first saw it in a science fair. I knew right away I have to learn what a computer is. Before PC, we played Nintendo, Saga, Dandy and more other TV game consoles with 8 bit graphic. We would play for hours either in my house or in my friend’s house. Also back then there were arcades where people can go and play, we also went there to play, arcade video games, but a PC changed the way we used an electronic device. The same time it would do different jobs such as collect information in DB, used as a typewriter, or run codes , playing midi files, browse pictures or by logging into IRC chats you could make friends worldwide and search information over the internet. It was a fascinating dream machine for young me. This is what I wanted to learn, it was an outside of school learning situation. I was young, with a desire and was curious. It all started with a science fair. Which was open for general public and anyone can wait in line to use a public PC for a small amount of time. I stood in line to see what it is. Once my turn came and the engineer maintained that PC asked, what I wanted to do, I replied I want to play a game. He launched a game and that was where I got hooked and my learning process began. I mean the whole experience was different, I could launch a game without a cartridge, save a game and also have a whole bunch of games under one folder, as a teenager what more I…
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