Computer Or Network File Server

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original files are saved onto the computer or network file server. The administrator sets up the schedule for periodic backups to reduce the amount of information lost if an incident strikes. One concern that comes with backups is the price and space of the server. With continuing information being created daily, the storage will be used faster than ever until there is no more.
Usage of Information Getting the maximum value from stored information can be hard to do. In the creation phase we have placed the documents in the proper location for use. If we are not getting the use out of the information then why do we have it? With compliance toward data management increasing the use of documents created is becoming a problem. When a company has so much digital information that not used, it becomes a flood of digital waste. “Electronic discovery can be a debilitating expensive and may turn up difficult-to-explain documents or emails that the company had no obligation to save prior to the litigation. Once litigation is foreseeable, disposing of potentially relevant data can result in court ordered sanctions or even a default judgement” (Reuters, 2016). Use of documents is a problem itself, the document needs to be a legalized use of data. If the documents being used are not permitted then there could be regulatory or contractually constraints. While using the information you must monitor who is gaining access to the information as well. The institution must implement controls…
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