Computers And The Internet 's Effect On Society

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Computers and the internet have opened another way for fraud to take place and many organizations are vulnerable to hacking and fraud. There are many forms of fraud techniques people may use against a target and there are government agencies which will provide awareness for those techniques. Cyber terrorism is another threats to society in the damage it can cause organization which could overall affect a society. When a computer crime is committed, there are steps which are taken to preserve evidence which allow it to be used in court cases against people using electronic fraud. When it comes to civil law, there are different processes that must be taken when it comes to resolving cases against computer crime offenders. There are many…show more content…
People get a lot of these types of messages in their email inbox, most of the time if the spam filter is on high, the messages will go into a junk folder and should be ignored. There many types of investment fraud offers which may include lottery scam, have to send in some money in order to get the lottery money supposedly won. Some emails may claim to be a work from home and you have to pay into it to get more information, but it turns out to be a scam and the person loses the money. Another email may claim to be a new business or an opportunity to invest in something to get a large return later. Once the person sends in their money, they never hear back from the investment. There are many forms of investment frauds and people should not trust emails they get when it comes to easy paydays. There are government agencies which provide information on different fraud techniques such as the FBI. The FBI has a page on common fraud schemes including internet fraud, how to avoid fraud from fraud, and how to report it. There is a link on the FBI website for reporting E-Scams and allows people to file a complaint or for the person to go to the local FBI to file a complaint. The Federal Trade Commission is another agency that provides information to spot and avoid fraud and can also be contacted. There are many
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