The Impact Of The Internet On Society

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Throughout the years, technology has been a prodigious resource that paved the way for significant discoveries. As a result of these inventions, the present day era has become remarkably developed and advanced. The reason for the development is mainly attributed to the Internet. The Internet is the largest and the most ingenious source of information in the world to date. Since it’s invention over forty years ago, it has progressed at an astonishing rate. The Internet has changed people’s lives in numerous ways.

The Internet has simplified the communication process between people. It has provided the opportunity for expansion of global interaction between individuals worldwide and at any time thereby enhancing social contact between people. In the past, the primary mode of communication utilized was face-to-face communication, telephone or through the mailing of a letter. These methods proved monotonous and cumbersome as face-to-face communication required the physical presence of both parties to convey the message promptly. The mailing of letters took weeks to months to deliver and for the most part, lacked guarantee delivery as mail got misplaced or lost along the way hence no proper way to track it. Landline telephones were also expensive to acquire, as only the rich and wealthy individuals possessed the capability of owning one. Access to public phones was inadequate due to their geographical placement and service costs thus limiting mass communication.

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