Concept Of Developing As A Manager Essay

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The central theme on this is essay is evolved around the concept of developing as a manager. CIPD, 2016 defined management development as the “structured process by which management enhance their skills…. Of both individual and the organisation”. By using this definition I can use a swot analysis of three categories to be reflective upon myself in an organisation, these categories will be communication, teamwork and management research. In my current occupation I look at communication as a strength because I look at myself as a excellent communicator due to working in customer service and dealing with a lot of customers nevertheless communication always needs to be improved as it is one of the core functions of successful organisations and as a manager, further enhancing this skill can only better yourself in constructing this message to your staff. I have chosen team work because I believe, this is an essential skill in my development in becoming a manager because my communication with others can be lacking in quality at times as I often show signs of individuality and self-centredness to focus on my own insular abilities. As a future manager teamwork would be needed as it is a vital component in assisting organisational, individual and staff growth. I have recognised management research to be a weakness, because undertaking and analysing data is not something I seem to be confident with, however, my perspective of improving an organisation is through looking at various
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