Conducting An Effective Professional Meeting

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Conducting an Effective Professional Meeting
Darius Jagminas, Sam Wogan
Clark University

Author Note
This paper was prepared for Managerial Communications (MGMT 170) by two students enrolled at Clark University

Conducting an Effective Professional Meeting
Preparation Before Meeting Identify Purpose
Gregorio Billikopf, University of California-Berkeley, described meetings as, “...are held to inform people about policies or operations, gather information, conduct training, resolve problems, or make decisions.” Meetings can be a useful tool in directly communicating to members of the organization. In order to conduct a successful meeting, identify the purpose and ensure that all members are on the same page. A meeting …show more content…

Setting Agenda
Most failed professional meetings are due to a lack of focus and unclear goals. It is extremely important to come prepared with a specific agenda and a clear understanding of what must be accomplished. While one can be flexible, the agenda must list the topics that will be discussed as well as the goals; it is really the road map to a successful meeting. The agenda should include; a review from previous business meetings, a dialogue of new issues, and a clear evaluation of the group 's goals. One can use judgment to add or subtract items from the agenda as the meeting develops, as long as the route still leads towards the final goals. Using colleagues time efficiently is necessary to make ones meeting enjoyable and helps to build group morale. It is recommended that supervisors of the meeting should not be too optimistic about what should be accomplished in a single meeting.
During Meeting
It is of paramount importance that the person running the meeting keeps it on topic, while making sure that everyone 's opinions are heard. At times, subjects can arouse strong emotions, and it must be recognized as a time to better understand one’s needs. Members should discuss problems that are occurring. Other factors influencing group interaction include seating, refreshments, temperature, lighting, and ventilation. While one should never be late for a meeting, there is a correct way to enter prior to the

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