Conserve Green Space Essay

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People have been increasingly progressive over the years and just want to keep building and expanding. However, they forget to take care of the planet they are building on. They forget that we need to conserve green space as it provides many ecosystem services such as water filtration and air filtration. They also provide many other ecosystem services such as tourism, a space for peace and calm and solemnity, and a certain aesthetic that it provides. These green areas are also important because one of their biggest ecosystem services is that they decrease the amount of carbon in the air. We need to bring about change to preserve these green spaces which provide so many things and help the Earth run like it should. Businesses want to…show more content…
The first body of water had approximately 4 ppm of dissolved oxygen, 0 ppm of phosphorus, 5 ppm of nitrates, a pH of 5.1, and the temperature was 12 degrees celsius. The second body of water had approximately 4 ppm of dissolved oxygen, 0.3 ppm of phosphorus, 10/3 ppm of nitrates, a pH of 6.97, and the temperature was 9 degrees celsius. There were also lots of previous human interactions. There was lots of litter, spray-painted rocks and stakes. The ecosystem is built next to a trail so there will definitely be the human interaction of walking.
Important Parameters An ecosystem has many parts to it and one of the most important parts is biodiversity. It increases survivability in species and can help humans a lot. Also as this ecosystem is an early successional ecosystem biodiversity is very important as it keeps the ecosystem stable. With a gas station being built habitat is being destroyed and that can cause decreased biodiversity which threatens the existence of the ecosystem. When the gas station is build there will be increased edge space, less habitat and as a result of more edge space and a gas station being built more outside interaction. These could all lead to many of the populations in the ecosystems dying out. If the vegetation dies out it poses a problem to us as that is decreasing green space, food security and other things that biodiversity guarantees. Also since there is less
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