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Introduction Construction projects contain a high level of complicated procurement processes. Not only the revenue or profit is critical in the construction industry, but market intelligence and construction procurement knowledge are also important. The bidding process in the construction industry is illustrated by many different involved parties including the architectural and engineering firms, client, general contractors, material suppliers, specialized contractors, manufacturers, etc. (Halaris, 2001). Preparing proposed documents, appraising bids, and awarding the contract to the winner of the bid are among the major duties of the client (Gokhan et al, 2006). (Gokhan et al, 2006) Fig. 1. Bid proposal preparation process Sub-contracting has comprehensively been used in the construction industry. It allows general contractors to employ the lowest workforce in construction projects and promotes specialization (Maturana, 2005). Many general contractors only play a role as construction management agents in construction projects, for example, they sub-contract a large volume of their work to sub-contractors (Shash, 1998). The characteristic bidding process is showed in Fig. 1. Bidding requirements and procedures vary and have disparate requirements that are created by the owners. There is a challenge of a bidding procedure is the quantity of paper-based forms that need to be filled, revised, and filed. This spends a large amount of time, which the contractor changes very

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