Constructive Behavior Is Effective And Responsible While Being Considerate Of Others Feelings And Needs

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Constructive behavior allows individual to communication effective and responsible while being considerate of others feelings and needs. While un-constructive behavior encourages destructive and reckless behavior. It’s self-center, hostile mind reading, poor listening skills and overall un-supportive causing negative affect to general relationships. We all have communicate both constructive and unconstructive; but by analyzing the different key aspect we can be more mindful of how we interaction with others when facing conflicts. It’s nature to be un-productive and destructive but our overall goal is to be supportive, compassion and overall sensitive to others needs and wants which leads to more effective communication.
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Perhaps she thinks he wants to distract her from her work so that she won’t be successful. Mindreading in distressed relationships has a distinctly negative tone. The negative assumptions and attributions reflect and fuel hostility and mistrust. The middle stage: once a negative climate has been set, it’s fueled by other unconstructive communication. People often engage in what is called kitchen-sinking; in which every little thing relating or not relating to conversation is throw into the augment (wood, 234). For example, John might add his original compliant by recalling all sorts of other real and imagined slight from Shannon. She may reciprocate by hauling out her own laundry list of gripes. The result is such a mass of grievances that John and Shannon are overwhelmed (wood, 234).
Once a conflict begins, everything that has been stored up is thrown in; the middle stage of unproductive conflict tends to be marked by frequency interruptions that disrupt the flow of talk. Excessive metacommunication is a final form of negative communication in unproductive conflict (wood, 235). Metacommunication, which is communication over communication. For example, John might say, “I think we’re avoiding talking about real issue here”.
This is a comment about the communication that is happening. Metacommunication is used by couples

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