Contrast Between The Social Model And The Medical Model

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Contrast Between Social Model and Medical Model.

In my research I have come across many contrasts between the Social and Medical Models and here is just some of what I have found out.

Under the Medical Model in New Zealand we have a very direct view with those that are classified as intellectually disabled, for example a child that is diagnosed with ADHD is automatically going to be hard for Parents and Society as a whole to deal with as according to Medical Model these children have authority issues and will not focus. These children will automatically need “Special Attention” at school and will there for become shunned by their own age group as “Stupid” or “Slow”. The medical model is sometimes known as the ‘individual model’ …show more content…

a physical education teacher that organises a game that is not playable to disabled members.
This medical model approach is founded on a impression that the problems connected to the disability are entirely the disabled persons doing, and that the disabled person should make extra effort (perhaps in time and/or money) to ensure that they do not inconvenience anyone else.
The social model is more inclusive in approach. Pro-active thought is given to how disabled

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