Contribution Of Shrm Towards Organizational Management

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Contribution of SHRM towards Organizational Effectiveness- A Study with Reference to NGOs in Kerala

Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Deva Matha College
Kuravilangad, Kerala, India

As the business environment has become more and more complex and uncertain over the years, it becomes imperative for organizations to adopt strategies and effectively putting them into practice so that they can attain solid competitive advantage in the fiercely competitive market. Human resources very well play a significant part in realization of organizational goals in the most effective manner. Effective alignment of firm’s strategies with the individual ones is the end result of successful Strategic Human Resource Management. This is even more relevant with NGOs as their vital resource is not material or infrastructure oriented but rather human oriented. The more is the linkage between HRM and organizational performance through strategic means the greater will be the organizational outcome. Through this research paper, a study is being made to understand how significantly related is SHRM and organizational effectiveness. Data collected through primary and secondary sources validate a highly positive relationship between the both.
Key Words: Employee/ Organizational Performance, HR Outcomes, Operational Outcomes, Organizational Climate, Reward System, SHRM
NGOs nationally and internationally indeed have a crucial role in helping and encouraging…
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