Controversial Absentia Case Study

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The last negotiations were no doubt very thought-provoking and controversial. I was an agent representing Absentia, trying to get the best deal possible without disclosure of given materials. In the preparation stage for this negotiation, I planned ahead what I am going to answer if the seller will ask questions such “what are the plans? what’s going to happen with the property? And even who are you?” I knew that as an agent this was my legal duty to act in the best interests of the beneficiary. Nevertheless, my intent was not to completely mask everything under false information. During the discussion, a specific question came up: What does our client Absentia want to do with the property? I responded by saying that I signed non-disclosure and cannot reveal such information. That wasn’t a lie because I was under a contract not to reveal the true intended use of property. At this point, I tried to move the discussion to the formalizing price and contract. I also asked what Downtown, Inc would like to see in an offer from us, that they haven’t seen before? As I started to negotiate an offer with a representative of Downtown, Inc, one primary request of Bullard’s was no commercial build on the property. However, I’ve noticed that they were concerned with “tasteful” buildings. So I mentioned that my client promise luxury development, that would be …show more content…

In the scenario, it was clearly stated: “The hotel would use the elegant Houses for its lobby and public room.” In this situation, I misunderstood scenario, because indeed thought that the houses would be kept. That is why I promised the seller that house would stay intact. If the scenario would have mentioned that the plan was to remove all the houses, I wouldn’t make such promises. On the other hand, if the seller asked about the garden preservation, my answer would be negative. As scenario states the hotel tower would be built on the place of the garden behind the

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