Cpfar (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting & Replenishment)

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CPFAR (COLLABORATIVE PLANNING, FORECASTING & REPLENISHMENT) Introduction: CPFAR is a practice/concept that aims to enhance supply chain integration by supporting and assisting joint practices so as to minimize waste and have lean processes in place. CPFAR Origins CPFR began in 1995 as an initiative co-led by Wal-Mart 's and the Cambridge, Massachusetts software and strategy firm, Benchmarking Partners. The Open Source initiative was originally called CFAR (pronounced See-Far, for Collaborative Forecasting and Replenishment. Benchmarking developed CFAR with funding from Wal-Mart, IBM, SAP, i2, and Manugistics (the latter two are makers of accounting and supply chain management software respectively). Warner Lambert (now part of…show more content…
The TAL system is a Pick and Pack based System which Demands Lower Delivery Lead - Out Time, for this the manufacturer has to maintain certain level of finished goods inventory and whenever the order is received it has to confirm the quantity which it can dispatch in shortest possible time. Manufacturers can also use the software at their end to check the inventory and match the order. The TAL system then responds and places the final order which the SAP system acknowledges with an Invoice No: of the order received. This Invoice No: generated by SAP is further propagated in the internal system and the order is traced with this Invoice Number. The Logistics Department then places the booking for the containers from a shipping Line (APL Logistics for JC Penney and MLOG for Wal-Mart). Several types of containers are used by the logistics companies, which are mainly classified on the basis of their dimensions. Most commonly used container is the 40 feet container. But, container size (length mainly) depends on the quantity ordered. For example: a less than cargo (LCR) container carries goods utilizing less than 100 % capacity of the container. The sizes of the containers are standardized and the most befitting one is used according to the quantity of order. The stuffing is done so as to reduce the chances of any damage that

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