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The Control Matrix A tool designed to assist in analyzing the effectiveness of controls, PCAOB Auditing Standard Number 5 – “Effectiveness of Control Design” Establishes the criteria to be used in evaluating the controls in a particular business process Steps in Preparing a Control Matrix STEP I: Specify control goals 1. Identify the Operations Process Control Goals -Effectiveness goals -Efficiency goals -Security goals 2. Identify Information Process Control Goals -Input Goals -Update Goals Operations Process Goals: For cash receipts process, two examples are: A:Timely deposit of checks B:Comply with compensating balance agreements with the depository bank -Other possible goals of a cash receipts would be shown as goals C, D, etc. and…show more content…
Sales order processing 3. Picking and packing the goods 4. Shipping Process Definition and Functions To create information flows supporting: Repetitive work routines of the sales order department, the credit department, and the shipping department -Decision needs of those who manage various sales and marketing functions Horizontal Perspective Management Questions Using Data Mining to Support Marketing Data warehousing Data mining Global E-business E-business systems are divided into two categories: Buy Side -Systems use the Internet to automate and manage corporate vendors and purchases E.g. Electronic data interchange (EDI), Supply chain management (SCM) Sell Side -Systems are designed to allow a company to market, sell, deliver, and service goods and services to customers throughout the world via the Internet CRM Systems Cultivate customer relationships by prospecting, acquiring, servicing, and retaining customers Customer self-service systems Context Diagram Diagram 1: Validate Sales Order 1.1 - Verify inventory availability Diagram 1: Validate Sales Order 1.2 - Check credit Diagram 1: Validate Sales Order 1.3 - Complete sales order Diagram 1: Validate Sales Order External Data Flow of Process 1.3: A picking ticket authorizes the warehouse to “pick” the goods from the shelf and send them to shipping -A customer acknowledgment notifies the customer of the order’s acceptance and the expected shipment date -A sales order notification is sent to the billing

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