Creating A Television Commercial And A Snapchat Live Story

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After coming up with 120 taglines, we decided on “where wheel you go?” We felt that this tagline had a lot of potential for the bicycle share company, since it didn’t limit our target audience. We felt this tagline could go in a variety of different ways, but after much discussion, we decided to create a television commercial and a snapchat live story. When creating our commercial, we need to create meaning behind our tagline. We needed to show, that biking isn’t just for exercise or getting from point A to B. There is so much more to it. This being said, we wanted to show that anyone could bike, from a wealthy businessman to tourists (not saying they aren’t wealthy). When we received our client, motivate criteria, we noticed they wanted to target urban dwellers and tourists. This is why we chose the people we did in our commercial. We started off with the businessman in traffic in a taxi going to work. We felt this is a typical city every morning. In the beginning of the commercial, we made watching the tourists through the businessman’s perspective because he was sitting frustrated in a taxi, while the tourists looked like they were about to go have fun. That is when we showed a text message being received by the businessman that he is going to be late for his 8am meeting. Frustrated, he remembers the bikes and realizes he is close to work and can beat the traffic. By making the businessman on time for his work meeting and showing the “mile long traffic,” it demonstrated

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