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Sarah Ryan - Vice President of Marketing, Portland Drake Beverages (PDB). PDB - Manufacturer of organic juices and sparkling waters.

Positioning: After segmenting and targeting. Where in customers’ minds the product occupies relative to competing products.

Crescent: Non-alcoholic functional beverage, impending launch in three U.S. markets. Acquired in July 2013. Energy-enhancing, hydrating, all-organic ingredients.

Energy drinks vs. Sports drink(hydrating)

PDB’s competitors: Planned to launch all-natural versions of own sports/energy drinks in second half of 2015.

PDB: Due to production capacity constraints, national launch only in early 2015. Soft …show more content…

Energy stimulants: Guarana, ginseng (relieve fatigue, boost concentration/endurance)
Fine grain salt for electrolytes.
ALL certified organic. No chemicals were used.
Also has nutritional information on the can.

Product positioning: Options
Matt Levor: PDB Market Research Director
Energy Drinks:
Boost of energy to combat fatigue and promote mental focus.
Re-inforce existing perceptions. (Flawed consumer survey indicated energy)
Prices: Average $2-$5 for 8-16oz. Average $2.99, above $2.75 price point.
34% consumed in last 6 months.
Projected market in 201 is $8.5 billion.
Advertising: Targets 18-24 men. Visually startling images, extreme sports, loud rock music.
Organic certification and minimal caffeine amount differentiates in market.
Concerns: Long-term viability due to negative media attention.
Sports drinks:
Market: $6.3billion.
42% consider it anytime beverages.
Wider consumer base. Not only sports. More often.
$1.00 - $2.00 for 12oz and 24oz
Ingredients: Water, sugar, salt.
Enhance athletic performance. Post workout fatigue
Healthier anytime drinks.
Prices: $2.75 is above and need to justify premium price.

Energy Drinks
Sports Drinks
$8.5 billion
$6.3 billion
Industry average price
Pricing Strategy
Consumer base
18-24yr Men mostly
Anytime beverage. Wider.

Market Research:

Energy Drinks
Sports Drinks
Consumer Data
Household income below 25k

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