Crime Prevention And The Criminal Justice System

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This essay will first define the different forms of crime prevention using evidence to back them up and then will go on to discuss whether crime prevention is primarily achieved through the criminal justice system or beyond the system, discussing the involvement of the police and whether crime is better controlled through crime prevention techniques or if other methods enforced by the criminal justice system are more efficient in achieving the goal of lower crime rates.
Crime prevention is enforced mainly by the government to reduce crime, to maintain criminal justice and enforce laws. A goal is also to deter potential criminals from committing a crime and to have the opportunity to commit a crime.
Crime prevention is necessary due to factors such as public concern, fear of crime and the increase of crime due to the fact that in a modernizing world many more people have greater assets and commodities that are vulnerable to theft.
Also there is growing concern that the informal social control created by family bonds, communities and other social networks is not as strong as it use to be in previous decades, reducing the influence and hence protection against the transformation of person to criminal. This particularly affects young people as their values and beliefs come from those whom they learn from in their community and family.
Another reason crime prevention is necessary is the rise in the belief of ‘victims of crime’ that crimes are committed due to a lack of help to
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