Crisis Communication Case Study

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10.2. Gaps in Perceptions on Social Media Use in Crisis Communication between Vietnamese Organizations and Stakeholders
10.2.1. Most Vietnamese organizations misunderstand that their stakeholders seek and share crisis information on social media. It was concluded in both interview (1a) and survey (1b) that Vietnamese organizations believe their stakeholders seek and share news on social media frequently. Nine out of 12 interview participants agreed that most stakeholders would prefer social media for an organization’s crisis response. The participants also indicated that the stakeholders would want to see a response on the same social media channel if a crisis starts on social media. They further indicated that their organizations …show more content…

10.2.2. There is a misapprehension amongst Vietnamese organizations that older stakeholders prefer traditional media. In interview (1a) and survey (1b), the participants stated that they pay attention to the demographics of the stakeholders to determine which communication platform to use. Most participants expressed that social media is more suitable to communicate with younger stakeholders. However, survey (2b) shows that the respondents aged 25 and above have similar perceptions about social media to those of younger age groups. Respondents aged 35 or above favored this communication platform even more than the younger participants. The survey results indicated that older stakeholders perceive social media as a credible, quick and convenient information channel. If a crisis starts on social media, they would expect organizations to respond on the same social media channel, as they think crisis response on social media shows that an organization is caring. Further, the respondents aged 35 or above agreed that they would stop criticizing or sharing bad news about an organization which responds on social media. They would also be more likely to support such an organization after a crisis. This finding would suggest that if an older stakeholder knows about social media, he or she would think more highly of this platform and organizations that use this platform than younger stakeholders. Therefore,

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