Critical Appraisal Of A Quantitative Research Report

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Critical Appraisal of a Quantitative Research Report
“Nurse empowerment Job-Related Satisfaction, and Organizational Commitment”
Rebecca Jordan
Georgetown University

Nurse Empowerment Job-Related Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment by Liisa Kuokkanen, MNSc, RN; Helena Leino-Kilip, PhD, RN; and Joukp Katajisto, MSSc is a well written title that addresses the key variables such as: job satisfaction, nurse empowerment, and organizational commitment; however, it could be more specific on what population of nurses the study is addressing.

In the abstract, the researcher summarizes the main features such as the concept of empowerment and the significant factors that influence it. The results of this quantitative study are also described to be consistent with many other studies, finding that key elements to nurse empowerment are job satisfaction and organization commitment.

Statement of the problem The problem statement is clearly stated, to find what factors through a quantitative study establish nurse empowerment. The problem statement does not establish a pervasive reason for a new study. The researcher states that there is existing research addressing this question and the existing evidence is consistent with this study’s findings. The reasons for needing this study to be done when there is already significant evidence is not explained. Nurse empowerment has an impact on every area of nursing. It influences job
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