Critically Looking At The Research

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Critically Looking at the Research While this research project was taking place, a method(s) of research had to be chosen. Multiple options were considered such as online research, questioners, and interviews. It was found that the questionnaires would not help the research because the information that was needed could not be extrapolated out of a questionnaire. Secondly, interview(s) were ruled out of the question because there was no one that could be found and contacted that was creditable. There was, however, an exception to do with the interview later on in the research. This was to do with the required help on some of the complicated math faced in the project. This was accomplished with the knowledge of one of the schools mathematics…show more content…
When conducting the research, difficulties and challenges were experienced. One of the big problems faced was finding a way to convert the differential equation into a function. Research online helped narrow down the problem, and then specifically having a talk/interview with math’s personal at the school allowed for a solution to be found. Throughout the research the most useful source was, Population Dynamics of Western Atlantic Bluefin Tuna: Modeling the Impacts of Fishing using Differential Equations. The source was the most useful because of the connections that was shown between population models and mathematics. The reliability was judged to be high because of the authors Esther Bowen, Marie Hoerner, and Cassie Kontur. The information stated was backed up by other sources and judged to be accurate. Lastly the information displayed was up to date and on topic. If this research task was to be redone, there are a few improvements that could be made. Firstly the topic was a little broad if the topic was narrowed down more, a more informative research project could have been created. Secondly, more time with a specialist in mathematics, and more help specifically with differential equation and calculus would have been externally productive. The mathematical aspect of the research project would have been a lot stronger with more/longer access to math experts. For example an improvement of converting the differential equation to a function that has the
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